Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bottom of the pot.

I'm on my second pot of tea today (yes, you heard me right. POT. eheheheheh).
It's jasmine tea, usually I have my Throat Coat, but I wanted something a little less sweet.
In total, I've had a carrot (around 23 calories), two cough drops (10), a smoothie mix (220 eep...), and lots and lots of tea and water. I've been peeing like a pregnant woman. Oh, and two sugar packets... Later is my other carrot and hot cocoa.

I would float away if I weighed less.

Anyway, I feel good today. Might even force myself to go work out.

Ahahahahaha good one Charlie.

Binge free days: 1


  1. Good job! Yay for no bingeing!

  2. Also, tea is just that good, I would drink it all day.
    And I think I might just go on a tea fast. (:
    Thanks for the idea!