Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Help me out anyone?

I need some help. I'm making my Goals 2.0 Microsoft Word (planning helps me feel at ease, gets things done, as long as I stick to my plans).

I need some short-term goal rewards for my short term goal weight. I already have a few, but I need some more. So, give me some ideas? :] Thank you darlings.


  1. Hi, i'm a new follower. your blog is great and honest and i like it lots.

    This is kind of a big reward but one thing i'm looking forward to is getting my ear pierced again during spring break if i behave myself and keep losing.

    Maybe you could reward yourself with some new earrings, necklace, shoes, or a new shirt. I'm kind of really lame and reward myself with putting stickers on my calendar on days that I have reached a goal. But they're pretty star stickers. So they make me happy lol.

    Ah, yes. New Shoes. That's another thing I'm looking forward to.

    Oh here's a thought. Maybe for small goals you can save "reward points" up and use them to get something bigger or more expensive. So, for example, 3 small goals met = a new outfit.
    Or something to that extent.

    Anyway. I'd love it if you let me know what your rewards are. I'm always looking for ideas.

    Good luck!