Friday, February 19, 2010

Lent: A Poll

I'm not particularly Catholic. I was raised United Methodist, and my pastor always taught us to not give something up for Lent, but instead to take something on, some sort of charity or "do-gooder" type project.

I'd like to give something up this year. For my own personal benefit... I had a skinny friend who gave up meat (she's a food hound... But she's been losing weight lately. Yes, I'm suspicious when her size 00 pants are baggy on her...) and lost a good ten or twenty pounds. And she didn't have that much weight to begin with.

So I guess you guys can help me decide what to give up? Not that I should be eating any of these anyway...
Options are:
Meat (which I don't eat much of anyway...)
Any and all fried food (everything that I could buy for lunch...)
Candy (this includes chocolate bars, lollipops, etc.)
Cheese (self-explanatory?)
Food in general (haha. Aren't I just so silly?!)

So.... Anyone out there in blog land, feel free to comment your thoughts. Which should I give up? Something I should give up that's not on there?

Daily news post:
Weighed in at 162.8 this morning (YAY.)
Came home from the store and binged on Peeps and 2 chocolate frozen sherbet pops (FUCK.)
My mom's home from where she was (YAY.)
I'm a general fuck-up who needs to go exercise (FUCK.)


  1. I also need to exercise, but I am way to lazy. And I think Fried Foods would be the best. I told my brother & mom that I am going vegetarian before lent. So I think I might just have to give up fried foods. They are the worst ones on the list for you.
    Stay strong!
    & Congrats! weighing 162, I wish I was that right now!

  2. Personally, I have been a vegetarian for a bit over 4 years. From experience, my choices in the cafeteria,in restaraunts, and at home are much more limited when I am choosing something to eat. It makes it easier - no eating a cheeseburger for me. No fried chicken. No sandwiches with deli meat...less temptations in general. Of course there are plenty of things I can eat but you get what I mean. I hope lol

    But... I also think giving up meat is more of a lifestyle thing rather than a "give it up for a month or so" thing.

    Just my opinion. :)

  3. I think you should give up cheese its not that hard. I'll even do it with you.

  4. I agree with Dreams.and.Bones. I'm actually still a vegetarian, although I gave up meat for similar reasons. I actually just posted on this. what are your goals for lent? I used to use it as a pro-ana "easy" way to avoid food without my parents getting on my case, but now I find it much better (spiritually) to give up something non-food related because it's otherwise distracting to me. But that's just me. xoxo