Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fuuuuck up.

Alright, so I didn't fast today, but I woke up at four thirty p.m., which is at least a nineteen hour fast?

Weighed in at 163.0 this morning (afternoon?).
I woke up, had a bowl of sunflower seeds, had a sip of milk. Attempted to eat a small Babybel cheese round, got disgusted with myself. After three bites, I threw it out. Had the bottom of the bag of goldfish (small handful)
Had two waffles with a teeny bit of margarine and syrup for dinner. Shared some Nilla wafers with my dogs.
I've been pushing water ever since, trying not to binge. Might have some more sunflower seeds... God knows I need the protein. But do I want it?

New favorite food: Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks. In Caramel Corn. So yummy and sweet, and not too many calories, provided I don't binge on them.
I think I'm going to work out tonight. I don't feel like doing anything constructed. Maybe belly dancing. :]

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  1. I love those Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks. my mom said that when she was in college she lived of those and was stick thin. mY faves happen to be the same.