Friday, February 26, 2010

VitaminWater Zero

Is my new best friend.
I was previously hung up on VitaminWater10, but that had to be rationed sparingly. At 20 cals a bottle it was good. But not good enough.

And now we have Zero, which just completes my life.

Today went to about 455 calories total, if I can prevent myself from bingeing tonight. If I can stay in my room or in the basement, I can stay out of trouble. Woo.
Tomorrow will be absolutely full to the brim with play practice (10-2), which means dancing, singing, not eating, and the possibility of having to kiss D, my stage husband (ick).


  1. stay strong dont binge you can do it :DDDD

  2. you can do itz!!!! i belives i yooh!!!
    to upbeat?
    I'll stop but no srly does vitamin water taste good? dumb question but sometimes i eat stuff cuz its light.