Monday, February 8, 2010


My restricting hasn't been going so well.

Boy problems + bad grades + general overall low self-esteem = bingeing.

Especially when there's cheesecake in the house. Well.... not anymore. -devious grin-

My mom asked me as we were coming home from my dance class, "How much weight have you lost?!", incredulous voice and all.
"Um... Mom. I've gained like ten pounds."
"Are you sure?!"
"...Well, not ten but like five..."
The scale never lies to me.

I swear, Mom. All the vanilla ice cream with Hershey's syrup and cheesecakes and Easy Macs haven't been doing me much good.

I need some inspiration. Someone send me some divine inspiration. I used to read Ana Regzig's blog for inspiration, especially on really low calorie days, but that just makes me feel so... Wanna. Ugh. I hate myself.


  1. i use to read her blog too... shes been gone for so long now...
    divine inspiration?
    i go shopping when when i'm really trying to avoid cravings... the thin ppl, the fat ppl... all the same, inspire in strong ways. theyre so real and they keep me on my feet... but as far as reading goes... maybe you need a buddy you can email back and fourth with. especially on days when you need distractions.

  2. I'm in the same situation as you, and feel exactly how you do, so don't feel alone!

    I'm doing terribly bad... I'm thinking about going to eat some ramen noodles if that makes you feel any better.. :/

    If I let myself binge for a while, I eventually get sick of it and it helps me to get back on track.

    Stay Strong!