Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rocky road.

Raise your hands if all you thought of was ice cream. Only me? Oh...

Well, I had a large large bowl of ice cream today, and I'm incredibly pissed at myself. I have to make cookies later tonight, and once the Binge Monster gets in my head, I can't get him out.
I've decided to make a new plan. Because I like planning, and my current plan isn't working out. So I'll just keep planning until I find one that works; tell me what you guys think of this plan.

I weigh myself tomorrow, and that's my start weight. From there, my goal will be seven pounds for every two weeks, so approximately fourteen pounds a month. It's not as intense as my previous schedule...
Actually, a lot of the weights match up, if I turn out to be 162 tomorrow. If I'm less than 162 it makes my job easier. If I'm more... There will be hell to pay.

Julie Andrews is the fucking shit, by the way. She's just so perfect in everything. I watched Thoroughly Modern Millie last night, and she's just... Wow. I wish I could be her.
Maybe if I lost some fucking weight I could be more like her.


  1. *Raises hand tenatively*
    I know how you feel, the binge monster was around today for me too. It's okay though, I get the feeling you have a plan of how to fix everything! Your new plan sounds good, just enough pressure to keep up motivation but not enough to stress you out and send you binging.
    BTW, Julie Andrews is awesome in Mary Poppins. Can you imagine being able to be light enough to float with just an umbrella, WHILE carrying a huge bag???
    Good luck babe!
    Scarlet <3

  2. Dear Charlie,

    Binge monsters are the scariest kind ever. I wish they would just stay in the dark, dirty places they live, and leave us all alone.

    Also, good luck with your new plan :)