Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crazy 2 Pound Weekend.

Enough bingeing. It's time to get serious, summer is just around the corner.
I was considering making tonight an Ana Night, but I'm so exhausted that it just isn't possible.

Today was unproductive. My costumes for the play (opening night is Friday... fuck) were finished tonight, they're huge. I look at them on the hangers and look at myself. I guess I really am that fat.

I've decided to give ABC another go. Why the fuck not, right?

500 tomorrow:
Breakfast: Cornflakes (45)
Lunch: 3 bites of whatever they feed us at the Courthouse (approximately 200? I'll know once they give it to us)
Dinner: Campbell's Soup-At-Hand Classic Tomato (120)

Total: 365, give or take. I may be able to eat a bit more for dinner.

I'm sick, yet again. I'm not allowed to have milk or dairy until Sunday (that means no chocolate, yogurt, cheese, milk, etc.), because I want my voice to be decent for the play.

I wish I had something interesting to say, that would spark millions of comments. I'm lacking in human interaction these days.

There, I said it. I'm a comment-seeking, superficial, attention whore.

At least I can own up to it.
I want a goddamn date for prom.
No, I want L to be my goddamn date for prom.

I can hardly see my ribs anymore. It's disgusting. Summer is THISCLOSE. And prom is EVENCLOSER.
Goddammit. I'm a poor excuse for a human being.


  1. The thing is though, even though you think you're huge, and you're having a bad day, you've got idk a new attitude hovering over you. You're looking at prom and summer and L all around the corner and you seem to have this tone that says: "fuck this, I'm back bitches." And I can't wait to see you make it!
    Haha, we're all attention seeking comment whores. It grows with time. When I first started my blog, I was happy with one comment, now I throw a shit fit if I get less than three!! Haha, how greedy we become!!!
    Hopefully this helps out with your human interaction quotient babe!!
    Good luck!
    Scarlet <3

  2. i'll write you a comment :)
    i like comments too. lacking in interaction. especially from people who understand me.
    you can do ABC! i believe in you.
    xoxo, Ann