Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I suppose there's something to it.

Weighed in at 159.6 this morning.

New low. First new low in two or three weeks.

Loved it.

So I guess there is something to this crazy "diet".
I had my mini apple for lunch again (caved, bought a cookie. Last of my wallet money though, so no more of that), had a few handfuls of Starbursts.

I think it comes out to around 425 calories total, plus the cup of skim milk that is supposed to be dinner (even though I've had enough already Goddammit) makes 515. Maybe I'll just have half a cup...

Why yes, I will be c&sing the grilled cheese and tomato soup Mother makes for me tonight.

Chewing and spitting makes me feel so gross. And at the same time... It's satisfying. Without being full of calories.
I hope I'm down again tomorrow.
I get toast (just plain bread!) tomorrow for lunch! I think I'll substitute pretzels. I'm going to try really really hard not to cheat tomorrow.

It's horrible; every day the same friend asks "Where's your lunch?" She came in later today, first thing she asks me is "Did you eat?"

Hello, do you not see the fat dripping off me? It's not like I'm tall to sort of compensate. I'm moderately short and big-boned. AND FAT. Gosh.

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