Monday, March 22, 2010


I realized today why Eponine is my favorite character in Les Mis, and why I love her so much more than Cosette.

For those of you who have never seen Les Mis, you're missing out. It centers around a petty thief, Jean Valjean, who is being hunted for some parole violation (correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't seen it in a few years). He eventually becomes this bigwig in town and meets this woman, Fantine, who has been working as a prostitute after she was fired from her job for fighting (this bitch had been saying nasty things about her and her daughter, Cosette). Valjean promises to take care of Cosette, who is staying with Eponine and her parents, and being treated poorly. THey aren't rich, but they're moderately wealthy. The play moves on, and a few years later, Eponine and her family are begging in the streets, and she's in love with a scholar named Marius, who has no intention of being with her, even though he's a nice guy (On My Own, Eponine's song, chronicles how it's only when she's alone that he loves her, that she becomes everything she's ever wanted). Marius meets Cosette, and falls in love with her on sight.

Can you see why I love Eponine yet?

It's only after Eponine dresses as a boy and gets fatally wounded that Marius pays any fucking attention to her, and realizes what a great goddamn person she is.

Then she fucking dies.
And Cosette gets to live happily ever after with Marius.

Because life is so fucking fair, right?

The reason I mention this is because every time something little goes right for me, I get screwed over in the end, just like Eponine. The guys I like always go for my friends, or other girls, oh, and my amazing prom dress that was perfect for me?
My friend got it (without knowing) at an outlet store, final sale.
Meaning she can't return it.
Meaning MY perfect dress is ruined.
1. She is skinny and pretty and everyone likes her.
2. She has a date, and won't look like a loser.
3. She can't return hers, but I still have 80 something days to return mine.
4. Everyone will talk if we show up in the same dress, and EVERYONE will tell her she looks better in it.

I know it's such a stupid thing to be upset over, but when things so rarely go the way I want them to in my life, getting screwed over with the little things just hurts even worse..

Just call me Eponine and shoot me with a musket.


  1. Charlie, charlie, charlie. You are not Eponine. What the hell are you rolling over for your friend for???? Also, I'm figuring she's not your best friend considering she didn't know what your dress looked like. If the dress is perfect, it's perfect. Wear it, love it, and fuck the rest. Otherwise, you'll settle for a dress you don't love because you're afraid of competition. Wear the damned dress charlie. Grow a pair and be bold!!!! Sorry to be so brash, but honestly, it's PROM. Do what you want. You think idk twenty, twenty five years from now when you show your daughter mommy's prom photos that you'll remember that someone wore the same dress??? No, you won't. You'll just remember that you looked smashing in this dress that you loved and you had an awesome time.
    Also I will only shoot you with a musket if you don't wear the dress.
    Scarlet <3

  2. hi eponine i brought my musket. jk

  3. when your done with the musket can i borrow it?