Monday, March 8, 2010

I've got sunshine...

Today was decent.

I had a mini apple for lunch (65 calories), tea for breakfast.
Got in the car, where my mom handed me a small bag of Cadbury Eggs (210 calories).

Yes, I ate them.

Came home, had 9 1/2 pretzels (27.5 calories).
Total for the day, if I don't binge later: 302.5

Not stellar.
But not too bad, either.


  1. ell done... if i ate the cho eggs... id have felt so guilty id have emptied thee fridge too... even tho, those are actually great calorie numbers... sigh* i wish i was half as on this as you :( oh vell.

  2. Those are awesome cal intake number!!!!! I mean, I struggle to stay at 500 so your day looks amazing!!
    Keep up the good work!
    Scarlet <3

  3. Haha, ohhhh those Cadbury Eggs are a killer for me (: Amazing how you only had 210 calories on them, I swear I binge so bad with them.