Monday, March 29, 2010

On the wagon and off again...

Having money is my main downfall for eating.
Thank you, Scarlet and Rachel for your gorgeous comments.
To answer your question Scarlet; yes, I am planning on sticking to those sorts of things; today wasn't so great, but it most definitely wasn't Sunday-bad, and it DEFINITELY wasn't Saturday-bad.
Those days were so awful I didn't have the heart to tell you guys all about what I ate.

I think my major downfall today was trying to convince myself that I like apples, yet again.
I love apple juice, yes. I will eat an apple if my mom skins it and cuts it into slices (yeah, I'm a mommy's girl :D). But I just can't get into eating an apple, just crunching into it.
I'm not big on citrus fruits either.

However, today wasn't entirely a waste.
I had to reschedule my senior photos because I broke a blood vessel in my eye on Friday (I forgot to tell you guys- my show was on Friday and Saturday! It went awesome, don't fret) and the photographer wasn't sure if he could digitally edit it (even though it isn't that big and he probably could). Now I have until next Thursday to lose some major weight. I probably can't do it, but it's worth a try anyway!
I even get to come home early tomorrow, even though I'm not supposed to. I don't even care anymore... I thought it was senior year that this happened, not junior year. So I get to come home and clean. I think I'll go for a run. God knows I need to.
I also woke up at 162.4, which is better than I expected. I don't expect to lose anything tonight, but that's because I ate things I wasn't supposed to. Oops. Yogurt and grapes for me tomorrow. Maybe a glass of milk.

I wish I had something interesting or fun to tell you guys. But I don't.
That friend who is always better than me at everything has been flirting with guys 24/7, even when I tell her to keep it in her goddamn pants. Just because putting on a baby voice and laughing like a five year old makes you feel empowered doesn't mean you should do it every five seconds.
So, I expect L to fall for her any day now. He's been sitting behind me in class lately. It bothers me, I don't like it when people sit behind me. Especially since there's now an empty seat up in front of me. What a weirdo.
And the sad thing is, I'm ten times weirder. Shit, no wonder I'm a social pariah.


  1. good post man :) love uuuu
    you sound cheerful
    i like it
    ahhh the flirty voice lol-kill me
    good luck with the thursday goal... me too.
    love-staystrong sweet

  2. I'm the same with apples - But when I eat one I use a vegetable peeler to peal the skin then peel the rest - If you know what I mean eat it as you peel - It sounds a bit weird I know but it works for and it takes longer to eat. Don't woory bout L, I'm sure he doesn't deserve you anyway.

    Rachel x