Wednesday, March 17, 2010

L and Dreams

But not necessarily together.
I love you guys too, so much. Thank you for your wonderful comments.

I want to give a HUGE huge HUGE shout-out to my amazing email buddy right now, (I'm not going to post her name, because I don't know how she'd feel about that) because she is just... Too cool for words.
I received an email from her a few months back, saying she had been reading my blog, and would I maybe like to write back and forth with her as well. Of course I said yes.
She has been one of the sweetest people I have come into contact with recently; a little while ago she was going through a rough time, and I know she's put up with enough of my shenanigans and crazy rants.
So this little section right here is for her, and I hope she reads this, because I do truly appreciate her.

We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

After not losing anything yesterday, I threw my life to hell on food today. But that's not what I feel like talking and whining about today, because tomorrow will be better, and I will restrict accordingly.

I'd rather whine about L.
He is such a sweetie pie, and so cute. I mean, "DAMN, I'd tap that!" sort of cute, ahaha. Anyway, in one class he sits near me (his actual seat is in front of me, but sometimes he moves behind me... I dunno, he's a weirdo). Today I was so cold, even though it's warm(ish) out (no lack of calories or body fat to blame, I'm just fucked up). He and almost all the guys in the class were complaining about it being so hot, even though the windows were open. He said something about it being way too hot, so I turned around and said "You guys are crazy, I'm absolutely freezing!"
This brought dozens of complaints from the guys, whose metabolisms are way too fast for their own good anyway.
"The window's open though, it shouldn't be that hot for you guys.."
L said to me, "Well, if you're cold, I'll just close the window."
And did exactly that.

It sounds so silly now, telling you guys, but I honestly don't know a single guy that would close a window for a cold girl (especially a fat one), when he's uncomfortably warm.
I thought it was sweet, even though I know I read into it more than I should.

I also wanted to quickly share with anyone who reads this a dream I had about a week ago. I meant to tell you at the time, but things got out of hand, and I kept forgetting.
The only part of my dream I remember is this picture of me that was getting shown to everyone. I was fat (uh, duh). Wearing the most hideous combination of sparkly spandex and stretch velour that was clearly too small for me. My stomach fat was rolling out all over the place; it was truly disgusting.
The entire time I was trying to say that it wasn't me, that I would never dress like that. But it was me. The proof was in the pudding. Er, the photo.

Any dream interpreters out there in Bloggerland? Any ideas what the hell is going on in my subconscious?

Sorry this was so long today, I managed to really get my thoughts together, unlike recently. I love you all, so very very much. <3


  1. Aww, L sounds so cute!!! ("Damn I'd tap that" rotflmao) I don't think you're over reading it because I am the QUEEN of over reading. Think about it though, there were three things he could do:
    1) Laugh/ignore your coldness
    2) Idk, give you his coat or something
    3) Close the window
    Okay, choice 1 is obviously just bad. Choice 2, is sweet, but he still gets to cool off. Choice 3 though, that is the créme de la créme of what you want a guy to do. First, he has to burn up now because the window is closed. Correction: the entire class has to burn up because the window is closed. And he has to face the guys talking shit later, and you were the only person in the class who said you were cold and he did it just for you.
    Also about the dream, I think you are terrified of being like fat. Oh and being ridiculed. Though I don't know much about dreams, that's just my thoughts.
    Good luck!
    Scarlet <3

  2. aww. How nice of him. Chivalry[sp? :/] is not dead. Lol. There are still gentlemen out there, there's hope :]