Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't talk to me.

I'm not worth it; Not worth anyone's time and effort.

If I at least tried a little bit, then maybe I'd be worth the effort.
But I'm not.

Sitting here, eating my Doritos and Oreos, I feel nothing and everything. All at once.
Happy; because it tastes so good.
Sad; Because I've let myself down again.
Angry; Because I can't control myself.
Apathetic; Because I do this all the time... What difference does one more time make?

I'm a total failure.

This is why I shouldn't have friends.
This is why I've never had a boyfriend.
This is why I'm pretty sure I never will.

Because I'm pathetic.


  1. I cannot express how much I identify with this post today. But I'm picking myself up and trying to start afresh again tomorrow because I can't see any other way. Sometimes it just feels so helpless but you'll have a good day again.

  2. Oh sweetie you are not pathetic. We all fall prey to bad foods. Almost constantly. The thing is though, it's not about what point you are at right now, but how the best fitting line of the "graph" of your life looks. And I am pretty sure it's an upward vector. You have lost weight, and you're such an amazing person. You have friends, and I'm sure you'll get a boyfriend soon, you just haven't met anyone worthy of you yet!
    Stay strong and keep moving forward babe.
    Scarlet <3

  3. yeah like i just worte a blog trying to encourage everyone and encourage myself and start over and as soon as my mom left i put a pizza in the oven and im thawing out frozen cake...