Monday, May 31, 2010


I miss being connected, especially to you guys. I think that's what I'll miss most when I'm at camp this summer.

I'm glad I was able to scare a few of you! :] Got your heart rate up a tad, that's good..

To answer a question, I asked the question about honesty because I am rarely honest, except with you guys, and I wanted to know how I compare! (attention whore, also)

I weigh 155.2 on my scale, and 154.4 on my parents' scale. That's four or five pounds in five days. Holy shit.
I like running. I do. My legs aren't as sore anymore, I rarely get out of breath, and I only stop running to walk when I feel like it. Or when I get.... (cue dramatic music!) a CRAMP. Jesus, I fucking hate it, I get a cramp in the exact same spot every time I go running (usually within the first five minutes). My dad thinks I stressed the muscle, wants me to take a day off.
If he had told me to take a day off three days ago, I would've said "fine".
But now?

I just feel so... Free? Is that the right word? I've always been an exercise-phobe, always hated it, always said, "I'm never going to be able to be one of those girls who runs."

Hell, look at me now, I run. Not for very long, but I'm working on it, I guess. I had been running around the lake (Saturday and Sunday) until a dog that had previously been nice snapped at me. I don't like that. So today I just ranwalked for fifteen or twenty minutes. Got a major cramp. Since I didn't go as far as I did previous days, I convinced my mom to go for a walk around the lake with me.

And, dude, I think I was flirted with by one of the guys at the camp I'm going to be working at? He's not my type, too much facial hair, but still... Or maybe he was just being stupid.
That's it. He was showing off for the skinny girl that was there. Jesus, Charlie, don't jump to fucking conclusions.
I need a shower. And I need to finish a paper that was due two weeks ago. And this entry is looooong. I want to respond to your comments, but I just don't have TIME right now! I also drew you guys a picture of myself, I'll post that later. Love you all, so much. Thanks for leaving me comments to ease my attention-whore side!


  1. facial hair can be shaved .. ;)
    don`t write him off too soon!

    i feel like we are all in a limbo. we keep losing a pound, gaining a pound. when is it going to stop? we all need to just get down to business. i just want you and everyone else to get to their goal weights so that we can all be skinny bitches with gorgey collar bones. then we can all meet up in real life and be that group of fucking skinny beautiful girls that turns everyones head.

  2. It's really great to hear that your running is going so well! It's truly inspiring, especially with my current semi-successful attemtps at the gym. You have such great will power to make a decision and stick with it, and now it's paying off! It must feel awesome to lose around 5 pounds in 5 days :)

    I noticed your "goal weights" section of your blog. You are so close to your next goal of 153.5, and I cannot wait for the day I log in to blogger and see you celebrating over your next goal being met! I'm certain that day will be coming soon!!!

    Keep up the good work. You are absolutely wonderful <3

  3. thank you so much for the comment its been wayyy too long i really miss reading your blog!!!!
    im so jealous of your running i havent exercised in forever keep it up!!!
    stay strong <3333