Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ana: What a fuckup. She can't do anything right. Like starve.
Chloe: Or binge.
Mia: Or purge.
Ana: She just sits there, staring in the mirror, wondering why nothing ever works.
Chloe: Maybe because she eats like a cow?
Mia: I wonder if she knows we snicker at her.
Ana: I wonder if she knows she can never be my best friend.
Chloe: I wonder if she knows she always uses me when she has a problem. And I love it.

I know. I'm sorry I'm such a failure.

Ana: Why can't she be pretty and thin, like me?
Chloe: Why can't she just not give a fuck like she used to?
Mia: Oh, she always gave a fuck. That's how she met me once. I haven't seen her since.
Ana: I thought you two were supposed to hang out, that time she ditched me for you?
Chloe: Actually, she ditched both of you for me.
Mia: Figures. You're her fucking safety blanket.

I know. I'm sorry I'm such a failure.

Ana: Don't those bones starting to show mean anything to you? Your wrists, your collarbone?
Chloe: There's more food downstairs. Waffles. Chicken. Candy. Potatoes. French fries.
Mia: If you listen to her, make sure to stop by later.
Ana: Don't you dare listen to either of them. Focus on me, sweetie.
Chloe: You won't make her happy, I will.
Mia: No, I will!
Ana: You're both wrong. I will.


Wait. Don't leave me alone.


  1. You could write a book narrated by just those three persona...
    really interesting, thx for writing it
    i like that perspective
    Stay strong xx

  2. Ugh... I know how it is.... like voices in your head..... screaming at you... they can't seem to shut up, be silent.

  3. Breathe sweetie. you are strong enough to get through this!