Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'll say a little prayer for you.


There's a gallon of ice cream downstairs. Some kind of deathly chocolate and nut concoction. I know I'm not exactly what one would call the religious type, but I need some help. Please help to give me the strength to chug some water and settle for only a half-cup of the monstrosity. Please give me the strength to not binge tonight, and to lose more weight tomorrow. Please give me the strength to stay away from the chocolate fountain that my friend has rented for her New Year's Eve party, and let me not be tempted by the cookies I'll be baking, along with whatever other goodies will be there. Help me to ring in the New Year with a new weight, a thinner, happier, more beautiful and courageous me.
Thank you for my wonderful friends on this blogging community, they truly keep me sane. I feel like I really know them, after only a few months, and I feel more support in this community than I have anywhere else.