Sunday, December 13, 2009

"I got to fold 'cause these hands are just too shaky to hold."

I've been off all week, since I've been grounded for not cleaning my room. The computer was taken, the phone and guitar were next.
The room is clean. The computer is back in my greasy, greedy, chubby fingers. And my stomach is growling. 414 calories today, along with serious cleaning, as opposed to yesterdays over 1000 cal binge. Yay. :]
I think my therapist suspects some sort of eating disorder from me. I really do. Lucky me I only see her once a month though.. Besides, my problem isn't any eating disorder, it's not being able to control what I eat. When I start eating, I don't stop until I want to puke. So it's better not to eat.
I'm getting back on track with ABC tomorrow, 250 calories. Hopefully my willpower will hold out. I'll be able to go to the art room for lunch, I think. Luna bar for breakfast, Diet Coke for lunch, cheese stick and dance class for dinner? Sounds good. I'm starting to think of this as a game, testing myself: how long can I go without caving? Not long enough, that's for sure.

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