Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Not all roads lead to Rome;; 'Cause this one leads to the hell back home."

Up today. My throat kills. Thank God I finally got my tea again.. I'm so obsessed with this little protrusion of bone on the inside of my right wrist. But my left wrist doesn't match!! Oh my, I'm even more asymmetrical than before! Fuck.
If you guys want the best tea ever, 0 calories. So naturally sweet, you don't need sugar (this coming from a sugar-hound...I don't do artificial sweeteners except in Diet Mountain Dew). It's called "Organic Throat Coat" by Traditional Medicinals. In my grocery store, it's in the organic packaged foods section under medicinal teas. And soooo yummy. 
I'm really nervous for Monday, and I think my eating this weekend is because of it. I have a callback for my school play, and there's one part that both I and this senior bitch have our hearts on. I'm praying so hard, I want it so bad. But I generally don't get things that I really want. Maybe if I was thinner they'd actually consider me for the main role..
When I was doing my singing audition, the music director had a whole group of us singing by the piano. The main role is a soprano. So of course, it would make sense to audition altos for that part, and not let me try it out, even though I'm one of the best sopranos he has (not to toot my own horn or anything). So much fucking sense. I know it's because I'm fat. Also, because the guy who plays all the male leads in our musicals is only 5'9". He needs someone miniature to play opposite, and I realize that. That's why I've got to lose.

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