Monday, December 14, 2009

"Baby are you down, down, down, down."

Yes. I am. Past the fucking 170 mark. Down to 169.0. I should've weighed myself before my mini-binge caused by too much caffeine and too little nutrients. I'm going to go work out for about an hour after I finish this post.
I got these awesome One-A-Day Vitamins today; they're GUMMIES. For ADULTS. It makes me feel like a little kid again! I love it, they're so yummy it's hard to only eat the daily two. I found milk chocolate calcium supplements and told my mom to get them for me for Christmas. I plan on getting down a bit before then, there's a guy at my church... Got time for a story? I sure do, considering I'm skipping dance tonight!
So I've known this guy since we were little. He's two years older than me, in college right now. I told him last year that I liked him (stupidstupidstupid), but he was already trying to get this other girl. Tell me how blondes with dark brown eyebrows are ATTRACTIVE? Please?! Even if she's a natural blonde (which it appears to be), when you have Jonas-Caterpillars for eyebrows, how do you manage to even get guys to like you? And get this: they met in a Driver's Ed car. How nauseating. His mother felt the need to tell me that story at his grad party. Anyway. I was always so mean to him as a kid, you know the girls-hate-guys-hate-girls-cooties thingamajig. And I eventually started liking him. I was an awkward adolescent. Short hair. Glasses. Short, chubby, unfortunate clothing. So now, my hair issues are straightened out (literally, figuratively, whateveratively), my clothes are a lot better, I know how to wear makeup, glasses no longer mar my face (thank you, contacts), and he still goes for this other girl. Am I a bitch? Yes. But we fight and bicker like only people meant for each other can. At least, I'd like to think.
Now that this is a fucking monologue, getting on with it. He goes to my church, I haven't seen him in ages, I'd like to look decently slightly thinner than I did last time he saw me (around 175 lbs). Oh, and his girlfriend dumped him. Bonus!
There's another attractive guy at my church, but he's an elusive story for another rainy day.
I'm going to walk a few miles on the treadmill now. I'm putting an elliptical on my Christmas List; fat chance, but with my room cleaned and grades up-ish... Speaking of, got a 77 on my history test. Fuck..
Off. Love the non-people (aka no one) who read this stupid, lazy attempt at a blog. 

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  1. So once upon a time, I ate those same gummies. After a five day fast, I was so hungry that I ate an entire thing of them, hahahaha! NOT healthy at all, but I thought it was funny :)