Tuesday, December 22, 2009

very. good. day.

I can't believe I actually got the part! A junior was officially picked over a senior, this means big celebration!
On top of that, I liquid fasted until I was forced to eat pizza by a friend who finds it necessary to notice every fucking thing I eat.
Fuck the pizza.
Fuck my inability to throw up.
Fuck all of that.
On top of this big accomplishment, I made it to my first weight goal of 168 pounds. Well, 168.4, but I'm rounding down. I'm so happy. This is officially twelve pounds lost from my HW of 180. Yay!
Sometime over Christmas break, I'm going to try this saltwater flush I've read about on almost every blog. It sounds good. :] Happy holidays, and stay skinny!

1 comment:

  1. aaaaaaaa yay!!!!!!!!!
    congrats on getting the part :DDDD