Saturday, December 26, 2009

Early in the morning.

I decided tonight would be an Ana Night.
In case you don't know (which you don't, because I haven't documented my Ana Nights before), basically what my Ana Night is is an all-nighter. I will stay up all night, I will probably look at thinspo and read blogs while drinking my Diet Mountain Dew (heaven!) Tonight, I will marvel in awe at my matte red nails (thank you, Essie!), make some tea, chug said tea at room temperature, brush my teeth, change my contacts, and look at more thinspo.

These nights started when I first began restricting. I can't remember how I was introduced to the Pro-Ana community, but somehow, I'm here. Usually once a month, I have these insane nights when I can't fall asleep. I'll lay in bed thinking if it's a school night, until my dad decides to go to bed, which enables me to flip open my MacBook and Google the night away.
It's almost 2:00 here, which means I'm pretty much golden. If I make it to 4 a.m., my body decides to be a total fucker and make me hyper, without the use of coffee or caffeinated sodas. By 11 a.m. I'm crashing, and I usually end up in bed before 7:00 p.m. Yes, my sleep schedule is truly fucked. But then again, so is the rest of me.

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