Thursday, December 31, 2009

I have eaten far too many cookies this morning.
I was up by 2 ounces today, which doesn't shock me, however much it disappoints me.
I have to go to a massive party tonight (the sleep-over variety), so here are my goals:

-have stomach growl at least once before going to sleep
-stay AWAY from chocolate fountain
-decline breakfast
-do not go over 168.9 pounds (as of tomorrow when I get home)

I'm going to chow on lo-mein when my mother gets home. She's intent on feeding me, and stopping at nothing (also known as buying my favorite foods). It's the last lo-mein I have until I'm 150, I promise...

My mom asked me yesterday what my "weight-loss secret" was. I stared at her for a minute.
"Is it just like, staying out of the kitchen and stuff?"
Um, yes, mom. If that's what you'd like to think.

I'm sorry. I was trying to make this short. Okay. I'm going to stay away from the chocolate fountain, eat fruit, decline breakfast, starve if I can...

Stay strong everyone!


  1. good luck on reaching your goals :]]]

    i hate when my mom says anything about food cuz im like a deer in headlights like o.o lol im like yeah suuuureee lol

  2. I wish my mum would ask me my weightloss secrets... so I could tell her "Oh, you know, just not being a pig all the time does the trick for me..."

    Remember how repulsive that party food makes you, you don't want to eat it