Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Fat Me,

I hate you. Why can't you be pretty or skinny or confident or athletic or desirable? All you ever do is whine and complain without ever doing anything, or just stuffing your fat face. When bones on your wrists start appearing for the first time in your life, why do you throw it all away on waffles and bacon?! Throw it away on CELERY. On FRUIT. On good, healthy things that will make your skinnier.
I give you the gift of ABC and you trash it for three days straight. You are not worthy of love from anyone, especially not V, or C, or any other guy you might have had your eye one. Your refusal to stay on track with anything pisses me off, as does your lack of self control. You will never be as good as you should be. Never ever. Why would you ever even think that you would be worth anything? Now get off your ass and stay strong and get skinny. Do whatever it takes. But I'll still hate you. Only a tiny bit less.

Skinny Inner-Me

1 comment:

  1. *hugs* iknow how you feel..
    be strong and take care <3