Sunday, December 27, 2009

more thinspo, fifth post today...

(I only went to French 3, and correct me if I'm wrong. I'm pretty sure this translates to: "It is necessary to suffer to be beautiful.")

Since no one has bitch slapped me, I think I'll post a fifth time.

Well, I just went to work out. Thank you, V, for the confidence that I would resist the cookies.
And surprisingly, I did.
I went upstairs, all ready to eat a few cookies and cheese sticks, with some skim milk (my favorite). I looked at the cookie, pulled it out, smelled its delicious goodness, and freaked out. I ran back downstairs and finished watching Hamlet 2 (so fucking offensively hilarious).

Some thinspo for you :]

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  1. OMFG How come u dont have thounsands and thousands of followers!? You have the most amazing blog ever!! is like i can relate to every single post here!! Hype x3!! Keep up the good work, honey :) and never give up!!!