Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.."

It's finally snowing. I hate global warming. My city used to hold nationwide records for record snowfall over a year.. Not so much anymore. New York City is blanketed in snow, and we had maybe an inch of snow. Despicable.
But the flakes are gently falling, promising a soft, snowy, Christmas Eve. My apologies if you don't observe Christmas, but it's my favorite holiday after Halloween, mostly because of the snow. And the presents (hey, I'm a materialistic person!). But mostly the snow.
My dad decided to be a dick today and NOT allow me to sleep until noon, yelling at me when I did, then going off on his own, when the reason I wanted to go out today was to get my own present for my mother. Puck you sir. I said puck you, with a P. (Summer Heights High ahhh!)
Seeing as I can't legally drive, I'm going to have to convince someone to give me a ride to Barnes and Noble to get her present. Fuuuck. I hate last-minute shopping! So many people!

And I haven't even discussed Ana today. Ah well. I'm determined to lose as much as possible before Christmas Eve, but it's so hard with all the cookies my mom made and all the chocolate she brings home from work. I need some support here so I don't go snarf it all down.. Anyone? :[

Some old-movie thinspo for me, for you.
These pictures are of Vera-Ellen, one of my idols. She was in the movie "White Christmas", one of my favorite holiday movies. :]

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