Sunday, December 27, 2009

Still a master chef. Working on mastering my stomach.

You're looking at the first person to make my Nana's cookies since she died in 2000. No one else has been able to recreate her amazing chocolate chip and cornflake cookies.

Now, I'm kicking myself. For several reasons.
Sunday dinner apparently means forcing me to shove food down my throat while my parents watch. Therefore, my fast was completely sucker-punched around 5:30.
Also, when you make the first successful batch of cookies, you're bound to want some. I'm heading upstairs once my last batch is done, to chug Diet Mountain Dew and go to bed early so I'm not tempted by these delicious sin-cookies.
My final reason is..... Goddammit. Don't you hate when you're in the middle of a thought and suddenly it goes out the window? I'm going to liquid fast for 150 tomorrow. Lots of random thoughts strung together here.
OH. My final reason: I promised to stop multiple postings. I'm sorry. :[ Such a fucking fatass failure.

1 comment:

  1. Well see, food = bad, multiple postings = good. I like them at least! It's more to read, and therefore more inspiration for me, and more opportunities for you to write and get your thoughts out on the screen, which is more inspiration for you. I think everyone wins in this situation! Hahaha.

    Resist those cookies, I know you can. : )