Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fair-weather friends.

fucking suck.

Yeah, I'm talking to you, Skinny Annoying Friend. It's totally cool that I've always been the only one who actually likes you for you; the geeky, nerdy, insecure girl I know you are. Even if you pretend to be confident and amazing, like you fit in with those people you're friends with now, I know you don't. Because I know who you are on the inside.

So go ahead. Ignore me as much as you want, go booze it up and smoke weed and become the nasty whore you want to be. But when you turn around one night and can't remember who you slept with, and none of them can tell you because they were just as drunk and high as you, I will be there to help you pick up the pieces. Because I'm NOT a fair-weather friend like you. Because I actually care about people. And if you weren't too busy lying your ass off and trying to impress the hell out of people you won't even be friends with after high school, you'd realize that.

So go ahead, go offline when I try to talk to you about a fucking project we have to do together. That's cool, especially since our topic is on Communication in Relationships.
Avoid me.
Forget who your real friends were; who you lost by being fake and lying.
By ignoring us.

I won't be like you.

Intake is shot today. Went up four pounds by day's end.
Starting tomorrow, I'm doing raw foods; fruits, vegetables.
I swear.


  1. I have a friend that I hate at the moment. I didn't want to go out Friday night, I told her I didn't, but she expected me to anyway and got all pissed Friday night when I came home and put on pajamas. Sometimes I just want to scream "Shut up bitch and listen to what people tell you!"

    ahem, anyway. You're a good person for not giving up on her, even though she's treating you like shit. She'll appreciate you eventually...


  2. Sounds like a royal not-so-good friend. I don't condone cheating in school but since your partner is less than what you deserve I can pretend to be a student and help. Wait, I graduated already. I suck.

    You're one of the friends, look back in retrospect, I remembered. Not her; she's the one to laugh at for her behavior. You keep doing what you do.

    If you ever need a chemistry partner, count on me! My communication skills aren't so great. Just don't mind the 6 paragraphs I left that was a fluke.

  3. Empathy and compassion... two words that popped into my head when I read this. You are so empathetic and compassionate. Don't ever lose that.

  4. You're a great friend for legit caring about people when they blow you off & treat you like shit-- not many people are as caring as you. Don't stop being the way you are, kay? You're great :)

    I hope things work out with SAF...relationships like that suck x.x