Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So funny.

You guys know me so well. I don't know about exercise tonight. However, it's fucking hot here. Like high eighties. It's supposed to be 91 tomorrow.

The city I live has held records for snowfall-we (and by we I mean I) are not meant for this heat.

I guess today wasn't so bad so far. Had a box of orange juice for breakfast (90), had my salad, sans dressing (so pissed, 45). Came home, had my worst of the day, some sherbet (200). Currently sipping V8 Splash Diet (see below, approximately 20)
I'm going to have half a mini Lean Cuisine Pizza for dinner. Or maybe just a salad. Shit. I don't know.

Oh, my gosh, you guys I found the best thing since V8 Splash (the juice with 50 calories per cup).
I didn't even measure the shit when I poured it in, like I usually do.

So I heard some funny things today. In art, some of my friends and this other girl and I were talking about things, like we usually do, and somehow, L came into our conversation.
Apparently, people think he's gay!
And now that I think about it, it's definitely possible, although if he is, he's so deep in the fucking closet I doubt anyone would be able to get him to admit it. I don't like him anymore (lie, I kind of do... But if he ends up actually being gay, I'd feel silly), but he is a really nice guy.

Apparently, (and these are other peoples' reasons why they think he's gay) he gets really agitated when people bring up homosexuality, and doesn't talk about girls like, at all.
And (something that makes me happy, yet is possibly the strongest pointer towards his gayness), he doesn't hook up with girls like the rest of the guys do (which is surprising, since everyone was all on his cock when he came back from boarding school).

It's a mystery.

I was in Old Navy today, getting t-shirts for screen printing (what we're doing in art). As I'm perusing racks, I hear a girl say to her mom, "They don't sell thin people clothes here."


I looked down at my size large/medium/10/12 clothes.
Also wanted to bitch slap her, because some of my skinny friends shop at Old Navy (I love Old Navy, their clothes used to be really tacky, but now the clothes are actually really cute!).

Anyway, that was my day. Love you all! Tell me about your day.


  1. hmmm idk L from a hole in the wall, but he doesnt necessarily have to be guy. i mean i have this really really really good guy friend and if you were an outsider you would for def think hes guy, but hell hes sooo not!! oh and i may go and check out tht V8 splash diet!!

  2. im thinking i should move to your town. i HATE the heat. toronto is abnormally hot in the summer, i cant handle it. ugh

  3. i agree about the heat - ugh, it was a bit too hot today. i miss the spring weather, and it's not even June yet :(
    anyway, sounds like you've done so well today! and omfg 10 calories per cup? hells yes, v8 splash diet!!!

    have a lovely day tomorrow :)