Friday, May 7, 2010


Hoo, boy. It's coming in fast.

Time to start dropping pounds like I drop dollars.

No, seriously.


You guys remember that camp job I applied for? Well, I got a call for an interview today... And it's next week. Eeeeeeep.
So I'm going to try to be 150 by next Saturday. I think I can do it. Not sure, we'll have to see how the effects of tonight's bread-binge turn out.
I am, however, in my second day of no chocolate.
Which I think is snazz-tastic.
I will have to eat some before I go to give blood tomorrow (I'm not even sure if I'll be allowed to, I'm almost positive my iron levels are way low... If they aren't, then I'll feel like a horrible person and will start eating less). I'll have a box of raisins and a bottle of water beforehand.
And after?
Well, we'll see how fat I am when I wake up.

Before I started eating today, I was 156.4, my scale. 155.6 parents' scale. I woke up at 157.0. I currently weigh 158.0.

So, fuck me.
Just fuck me.
I don't even get to sleep in.

Life is so surreal right now.
Nothing seems tangible, nothing matters.
I wrote a song.
But it wasn't really me writing.
I feel like I'm on medication.
But I'm not.
I probably should be.
Fuck me.

I love you guys, thanks so much for your comments. :]

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  1. You are totally right about that we have to start dropping pounds like dollars :)
    need some skinny for the summer.

    About the blood thing, i havent been allowe to donete last two times i went because my blood suggar was too low. so jeh. and then they tell me to eat red meat, liver and red vegetables and fruit.

    I also hope you will got the job. fingers grossed