Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies

I told you guys a few weeks ago about this book I was reading, "Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies". Well I finished it maybe two days after I got it.
It was... Really good.

This girl, Celeste, is short and chubby and addicted to Oreos. Her best friend is really skinny, plays soccer, and eventually ends up ditching her for the popular clique. Everyone at Celeste's school (except her three friends) make fun of her for being fat, calling her names like "Cow", "Wide Load", and "Supremo Grande".

And the sad thing is that kids really are that mean.
Celeste's aunt enters her in this beauty pageant for "bigger" girls called HuskyPeach. The name alone skeeves me out. XD She doesn't want to participate in this, and so she starts dieting, and starts looking good, starts wearing makeup, and people stop being mean to her, for the most part.

It's in no way Ana, but the story is really inspiring.

I weighed in at 156.2 this morning, current weight 158.2. Too much for one day, but it's better than 160.
Was going strong until lunch, got yelled at for just having chocolate milk. Basically told them to fuck off, then devoured two packs of cherry gummies (approximately 200 calories each, ew). Came home, ate (sugar-free pudding, 3 crackers, croutons), then went to sleep. Probably screwed myself over there, now all I'm going to have is more fat. Had angelfood cake and strawberries and Cool Whip for my mom's birthday, then had a Snickerdoodle, and a spoonful of peanut butter.

My estimate is around 800-900 for the day. Fuck.

I did stop myself from going back and getting more cake.
Small victorys are not as great as large ones.


  1. its the small victories tht lead to the bigger ones

  2. small victories are the story of my life >.<
    whipped creams :) that sounds so evil
    ahhh musnt think about whipped cream!!!
    no no no no
    hope ur alright charlie. we plod along slowly dont we... just another day, everyday...

  3. Well done for not going back for more. It's a really hard thing to do.

    And was just wondering what a snickerdoodle is?? Sounds very interesting

  4. That's pretty good for someone's bday! Also you have an award! Check out my blog to see!!

  5. i want to read that book, it really sounds interesting, but i cant probably buy it here in my country :(

    Dont worry, tomorrow i will do better.