Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's something.

Woke up this morning at 156.8.

Had a bowl of cereal (100) and some semi-sweet chocolate chips (not sure, maybe 100? 120?). I'm not eating anything else until dinner, I suppose.
I have to go to two SAT tutors today. Eehh.

I don't know guys, I'm not feeling particularly exciting today. I feel gross and fat and boring. But not exciting.

And after all my stress about L bringing the Midget to prom... He didn't even show up! Which was kind of odd...He's pretty much a social person. Who knows, maybe he had some raging party with his old boarding school friends.
Yeah, I know, whatever. I'm over it.

Not really.

Still not feeling particularly special. Maybe once I do my SAT homework and take a shower I will. I love you guys and all your comments, thank you so much. :]
Stay wonderful.


  1. I think your special Charlie so there. :)
    I love you
    Rachel x

  2. i just took the SAT yesterday. im sure youll do great!! =]

  3. I HATED SAT's. Always wanted to dig my brains out with a shovel during those years. Too graphic?

    I must state although you're not fat or boring, that until you take your shower you are stanky. Just sayin.

    Don't kill me. <3

  4. Geez, Charlie, you're so boring! ;p

    Good intake so far, keep it up :)

    Just wait until the GRE's come along... it's like the SAT all over again! x.x

    I kind of love you in a weird I-don't-eve-know-you way... It's just the burden that we share, I suppose, but I love you just the same :)