Saturday, May 29, 2010


I won't be back................

Until Monday.
I'm going to the lake this weekend with my parents, and we're staying until Monday evening.

By the way, I've lost about three pounds in the past three days. Running is my new savior. I can already feel myself getting better... Or did I tell you guys that already?

Lave me some comment love, I could really use some right now.
If you can't think of anything particularly wonderful to say (I often feel that way...), go ahead and answer this question:
When was the last time you told someone, in complete honesty, how you really felt? When was it (approximately)? What happened?


  1. God, you scared the hell out of me for a second there :P
    Good job with your running, have fun at the lake! I love being at the lake..wish we had a boat or something :[

    Yesterday I did. I haven't talked to my old friend in almost 3 months, and last night I filled him in how life's going. It was honest and completely open, which I liked. Haven't talked to someone like that in a while.

  2. Congrats on the three pounds!!!!
    Honesty? Truth in emotions? Oh my. Let's see, the last time I was honest about how I felt was last week when my mom was bugging me about me buying makeup. She said I needed some and I told her it seemed deluded to me for a mother to encourage her daughter to insecurites about her appearance (like I need anymore!) and to say that I need makeup. I told her that I felt I was naturally pretty and I didn't feel like wearing it and don't feel I have to and that I was sorry she is so dependent on it and doesn't feel pretty without it but I don't share her sentiment.
    We got into an arguement. She said I had the blotchiest skin she'd ever seen and she bets my cousin looks really pretty now. My cousin has been my rival since forever. She's three years younger than me and my aunt and my mom hate each other so they pit us against one another. Who's prettier, who's smarter, who's skinnier (her by a long shot for now), who has longer hair, etc. My cousin is also the bitch of the century, a carbon copy of her mother. So I told my mom why doesn't she just adopt my cousin. My mom says she would if my cousin weren't such a bitch. I said that was interesting because I thought they could've been best friends and I left the room. So I was told my skin was awful and round aboutly called my mom a bitch. We later made up and now we're fine and best friends again. The end!
    Good luck on your retreat!

  3. I really don't remember, but giving lots of love anyway.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend away, and well done on the weightloss.

    Sending lots of fluffy pink love your way.

  4. you scared me. i thought you were for real saying goodbye. im glad its only for the weekend. im really proud of you and your weight loss. keep running!! have fun at the lake!! =]

  5. HAHAHA....I just LOVE your dramatic exit =]

    I have never told anyone how I truly feel. I guess you can call me a coward. But I really don't like to "burden" people with my issues, to be honest.

  6. fuck. u scared me. i fell for that all the way. i almost completely started freaking out. damnit char >.<
    enjoy ur gettaway :P
    ongratz on ur weight losingness :D !!
    last time i was honest with someone? well on here... but in person? it was with my dad and stepmum earlier this year when they kinda discoveered me and i broke down and told them everything at the time. since then they think ive reformed... they were really accepting etc. but i was really closely monitored as far as eating goes after that. and i really resent always being asked what ive eaten.
    its a constant reminder that im trapped in a pattern of fatness ahhh
    so it went well, but badly...
    usually wen im honest with someone i later regret it. its happened a couple of times. why do u ask that???