Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trying something new.

I know, how many times have you guys heard that?

Well, I'm trying something new.
Yes, I ate today. I had a relatively normal lunch (kind of high-cal, but fuck it tasted good), and a relatively low-cal dinner. It's damn near impossible to liquid fast while I'm at school. Once I get into final exams I may do a week. Maybe.

So, my new thing.


I don't know if it's going to work. Going by my past attempts at new plans, my hope is not high.

So I have this list.
A list of 51 (actually, 50 now, I'll get to that in a second) foods.
Delicious foods.
High-calorie, delicious, disgusting foods.

And every day, I cross one off. And make a note of the date.
First food on my list?
Guesses, anyone?

If you guessed chocolate, you win........ NOTHING!

I have to clean my room so I can go out tomorrow, but I love you guys, thank you for your beautiful comments. I wish I could respond to them right now, but I NEED TO GO OUT. -heavy breathing-

Love you guys, stay wonderful! <3


  1. Omg I've always wanted a nothing!!!!! Thank you Charlie!!! (My mom always taught me to be polite, lol)
    That sounds like a good plan...checking things off so you can be thin! Glad chocolate is off the table...though I think my first food would be bread. I don't eat it normally, and yet while fasting I swear I hear it calling me: scaaarrrllleeettt, I'm whole graaaaiiinn, come eeeaaattt mmeee!
    And I'm like: biiiitttteee mmeeee, I'm fffaaaassstttiinnngg so I won't be a faatt aassssss!
    Hahaha, hope that made you laugh. And what's wrong with being an optimist? I always say everyone was born an optimist, pessimists are just broken. Lol, jk. I think you're gonna do awesome babe!

  2. Get it, girl! You are such a sweetie. I freakin love you.