Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Day.

I decided last night to have a good day with Polly Dolly. I haven't had food since 1:30 (a.m., I stay up late...). I haven't had much of anything. I think I'm going to go refill (with water) my giant styrofoam cup that I got a Sweet Tea in at McDonald's last night (yes. I went to McDonald's. Large Sweet Tea, two hamburgers, small fries. Yeah). It's like my new best friend, so big, and keeps things so cold.

I have a grad party to go to in a few minutes, so I can't do the Beautiful Blogger Award, which a couple of people have given me, but I'll take care of that in a better post later tonight. I don't really want to go to my SAT tutor tonight. Maybe I won't.

As the number on the scale goes down, my permanent frown gets a little smaller.

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