Friday, May 28, 2010

You're one in a million.

L said that to me today.

Alright, it wasn't meant the way I wish it were, but still. A girl can dream.


Okay, I guess I'll put it into context for you guys. Warning, it makes everything seem less amazing.
Everyone was talking in class, not paying attention to the teacher as usual, and he made a comment about how everyone hates our math teacher, so I laughed and said "I don't! I love him he's so cute!" (Because he is, he's like this little gay man, can't be taller than five foot. So cute.)
And L responds with a smile and, "Yeah, well, you're one in a million."

God, I'm so pathetic. Getting all worked up over that ONE LITTLE COMMENT Jesus I feel so pathetic right now. Like, what the fuck. Not to mention that after my run I went and shared fries and had two slices of pizza with a friend. NO FUCKING POINT IN RUNNING THEN, HUH?
Just for that, I'm running twice tomorrow- in the morning and in the afternoon.

Yes, Polly Dolly, I do run in the cemetery during the day- it scares me at night! But I've lived across from it my entire life, so it's not really creepy to me anyway. Besides, it's not the kid of cemetery that only has rows and rows of tombstones, it's more of a park with dead people in it. XD Like, big trees, gravel trails, a few roads, etc.
I used to legitimately stalk my crushes. The one who runs lives a few streets from me, and we went to the same elementary school. When I liked him in sixth grade, I used to make my mom drive past his house on our way home, not to mention it was the longer way!

I'm still that pathetic, I'm just not as obvious anymore.

I hope.

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