Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aww. :[

I pissed him off for good.
Brought up his ex.

But it's his fault.

We were having an argument about who's always right, and I told him he's never been right about anything. So he asked me what I'd been right about, which was that I had told him it'd be a bad idea to date her.

I told him it'd piss him off.
I warned him.

So it's not my fault.

It's been like five months.
He's a guy.
He should be over it by now.


  1. Well, since you decreed that we comment and everything...jk.
    No, your friend is just in a sore spot right now, it takes time to get over someone. Give him a while, he'll come back and say he overreacted, he's sorry, and are you guys cool again. Falling out of love with someone is hard. A guy and I had a mutual like/ almost BF-GF, and then he just changed like the wind because his crappy cousins didn't like me. I still flinch a little when anyone talks about him because it was a deep and sharp hurt. I think that's what your friend is going through. It hurts when other people so clearly point out the signs you couldn't see, and you feel stupid, so you lash out. This is a very long it counts for all three! Haha, you can always get love from us babe, because love is free. Have a free hug. *hugs*
    Also, to perk up your spirits, look up "free hugs love in this club usher" on youtube. You will get a very funny spoof about free hugs. Hopefully it'll make you smile! :)

  2. Hey aw I hope you are having a better day today - Don't worry things with your friend will blow over soon enough - I think it's like scarlet said, he was probably just annoyed because you had pointed obvious things that he had failed to see. But it will be fine, I'm sure you will make up soon.
    Love and kisses and other demanded stuff... jk
    Rachel x

  3. Boys are ridiculous. Often they are so much more overly sensitive than girls. Sorry you're having to go through this stress right now : /
    I hope you feel better *hugs*
    Stay Strong <3