Saturday, April 24, 2010


0/21 binge-free
1/2 liquid fast
Morning weigh in: 157.4
Total weight lost (since Thursday): 4.6 pounds

So I've been feeling awful about the biggest (and possibly only) lie I've told you guys, which is my name.
You've all realized by now I have... issues with my anonymity, and keeping it. This stems from my unwillingness to get caught doing this sort of thing, which would be, well, awful.
The reason I feel so bad about not telling you guys my real name is because you are the only ones who know the real me. Everyone in my real-life knows bits and pieces, but everything I am and everything I have is laid before you; because I know you would never judge me like they do. There's something to be said about the online friendships I've formed over the past five months- I like all of you better than my in-person friends.
The reason I can't tell you my real name is... Well, it's not so common in this day and age. I don't think there are too many people out there with my stats AND my name. So I'll be going around as Charlie, still.

I really needed to get this out in the open, it's been bothering me awhile.
Alright, back to cleaning. I'll update again later. Love you guys! :]


  1. Don't worry about it-- I'm pretty sure the majority of us are in the same place as you, I know I am anyhow :) Too much too risk because my real name isn't very common, or not the way I spell it at least.
    Haha, I love every one here more than most of my real life friends too. Odd, odd.
    Take care :)

  2. Cate isn't my real name, also as a means of avoiding being caught out by someone I know in real life, and I guarantee we're not the only ones.
    When people know you so well, the real you, something like a name becomes irrelevant. It says nothing about who you are, the things that you share here are what matter.

  3. Oh, that's all? A lot of us don't use our real names!!! my name is not Scarlet, but I can't use my real name because
    1) It's, interesting. People know it and remember it.
    2) I am uber identifiable. I can't even say what town I live in cause I'm probably the only 17 y.o. Junior in college.
    We all have our secrets babe, but the point is that we don't need real names to know each other. :)
    (I like a lot of you guys more than my real friends too, lol)

  4. It's totaly normal for you to not use your real name. The only reson I can use mine, Katie, is because it is uber common. And I was supper hesatant to even share it in the first place. No name needed, just the personalities.

  5. oh pish posh! not knowing your name doesn't make us know YOU any less. a name is a name. it doesn't change who you are!

    dont feel guilty :)

  6. My real name is Lorelei. How many Americans have that name? Ha! Lola is the nickname I use here. Lola is my ED name. She's my Otherme. Maybe Charlie says something important about you, that's why you picked it?