Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reasons Why I Need To Lose Weight

1. To be pretty.
2. So I can stop hating myself.
3. Because skinny girls always get what they want.
4. Because no one takes fat people seriously.
5. I don't want people to say "Wow... She'd be so pretty if she just lost some weight." (A former friend of mine said that, about another girl. Needless to say, we are no longer friends.)
6. Maybe then I'll be happy?
7. To look good in nice clothes.
8.To show them all what they missed out on.

Liquid Fast: 0/9
Binge Free: 0/21

I'm failure guys. Sorry.


  1. Dear Charlie,
    my day has been ruined too. i know what you mean about your whole day being marred after one slip-up.

    also, i adore that you made a "reasons to lose weight" list. what a great way to remind yourself about WHY exactly this will all have been worth it in the end.

  2. Not a failure, no need to apologize to us.
    I like your list of reasons to be thin, #8 is the main one I clutch one to.

  3. Don't ever feel like you have to apopgize to us. We all mess up but we start again and try to fix it. You will pick your urself up and start again, and do better I know you will. And I love your list, very motivating. Hope your doing okay.
    By the way I was wondering if you wanted to follow me - My blog can be quite boring tho so don't feel you have to
    Rachel x

  4. I agree with all of these, especially number 8. It needs to be like... oh, here's what you get for ignoring me all these years--asshole!

    And they were vegan chocolate muffins. D: So sugary!

  5. My friend said that too. It got me thinking; would I be prettier when I am skinny. Of course I concluded to a yes.
    But then I was at the park with the little kids I watch and my cousin; and she pointed out how skinny a girl was. She was paper thin. And my cousin was like that is gross. I hate when people point out how skinny people are without a glimpse of remorse. While they cannot seem to say; that girl is overweight, without feeling bad.
    And I feel if I was skinnier , I too would be happier. And I would look WAY better in clothes.


  6. hi
    really loved your blog. i read it from start to keep me occupied and not eating and it helpped so thanks for that.

    i actually did a list why i want to be skinny to and i also had stuff like
    -all the other girls will be jelous if they see how slim i am (am i a bad person for wanting that?)
    -my boyfriend god lift me up without breaking his back
    -dont need to worry about fat rolls when i am cuddleing with somebody.

    I have like a 56 item in the list. keeps me motivated

    anyways i hope you are doing great


  7. btw, this is the post that sold me on your blog. i love the non-room-for-bullshit-ness of lists :)