Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm not sure if it's from fasting or from wearing my hair up all day.

I cleaned the bathroom. Now my nails are all chipped up. How am I supposed to impress the ice cream and candy shope I want to work for this summer with chipped nails? (Hah, yeah. I realize. Ice cream shop. Candy shop. Isn't it just delightfully ironic?)

I think I'm going to name my stomach. Jason.
It sounds much better to say "Jason is growling right now." Rather than "My stomach is growling right now.
It's like a rabid dog. Or a lion.

Like, Jason, from The Sound and The Fury. What as bastard. But then, I dislike him almost as much as I hate my stomach and my fat... So it fits.

I feel like doing a less introspective list today. Something...Superficial.

Things I Like To Do In The Summer
1. Boy-watch (with binoculars!).
2. Swim.
3. Sleep in.
4. Go to parties.
5. Hang out with people I actually like.
6. Get a little bit less pale (with SPF 45, I swear!)
7. Play guitar and write songs with careless abandon.
8. Go for long walks.
9. Not go to school.
10. Summer camps.
11. Make money.
12. Stay up late.
13. Have all-day movie marathons with me, myself, and I.
14. Ride around in the boat.
15. Dye my hair any color I want.
16. Be alone.

1/9 Liquid fast
1/21 Binge free


  1. With the exception of boat riding (can't swim), swimming (ditto), tanning (dark enough thank you), and playing guitar(can't play, lol), we do the exact same things over the summer! Lol. Ooh Jason sounds like a fierce name...the guy from the sound and the fury is a good analogy, but what about scary jason, the guy who kills people at summer camp!?! (Sorry I had to I saw jason and summer camp in the same post, haha).
    Good work on the fasting!!!!!

  2. and i thought i was intense just by wearing dark sunglasses. i hope you are using the binoculars from a spot where no one else sees you otherwise you may look like a creeper.

  3. ummm, i think we're the same person. i name everything (inanimate objects deserve people names too!), i love lists, and sometimes i wonder if i'm half albino.

    caffeine withdrawal can induce migraines, so be careful. but congrats on the fast my dear!


  4. Nom, nom. Yay life. I so cannot wait for summer and warmth and tan and boys and yay. I also love love love lists.

  5. XD I lovee that you named your stomach
    I want to name mine now.. lol

  6. BAHAHHA I love how you name everything!!! And....boy watching is AMAZING!!! It's so much fun! teehhee