Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two hundred.

200 posts, 60 followers, and 5964 hits. I wanted this post to be something special, something absolutely awe-inspiring...


Well, I'm going to binge tonight.
Yep, I already planned it.
Dum-Dum lollipops (is that some sort of sign?), salsa, and pita chips.

I'm waiting for my stomach to stop being full. I went until five without food, then convinced my mom to go to McDonald's.
We were prom dress shopping today. My dad got mad at me before we left, because I won't wear the first dress I got. They've been calling it the duplicate dress.
For some reason, going shopping with my mom cheapens the entire experience of prom dress shopping. She just makes snide comments about the dresses, how they're cut, how expensive they are.

Um, Mom, just because you had a shitty prom doesn't mean you need to make mine shitty. You could shell out some money for a dress, I know you could. We aren't rich, I realize, but some of my friends have $200 dresses, and they're worse economically than we are.

She told me that she's going on a "raw foods" diet, with no processed foods. She was upset when I told her yogurt is processed food.

See, when I say I'm going to not eat more processed foods, I get laughed at.
So, to spite her, I ate McDonald's in front of her.
It was fucking delicious, and I regret every bite.

Alright, my stomach's beginning to feel less tight. Time for pita chips and acrylic paint!

..To paint with, that is. The acrylic. Not the pita chips.
I'll post later, respond to your comments, and list-cap my stressful day..


  1. I remember my prom dress shopping experience; I'd rather forget it. Hope you get a beautiful dress.

    *tummy rumbles* (iwantpitachipstoo)

  2. Sometimes I used to go to Macy's for dresses for dances and prom. I got gorgeous dresses for pretty cheap. It's always better to wear something sleek and figure flattering, and you can find that at any price.

    From what I've seen, the prom dresses now are long and not poofy like the ones that were in style when I went to prom. Good luck shopping!

  3. i know that we are suppossed to hate food, but omg there is nothing better than a planned binge. the anticipation is half the fun. and picking out the food! the hours i have spent in supermarkets choosing the perfect combo of binge food... HAVE FUN!

  4. Haha, yes I love to smite people by eating infront of thier fat faces. Planned binges. My love it is a treat I desire and I want one right now, if only I had my licence I would drive to the grocier and get Some great stuff that would ruin my life.

  5. Hey! I've followed your blog for some time but just recently got one of my own...we have a lot in common, as I'm a junior too.

    I love your writing and I hope you do well and find your happiness. I'd love it if you'd read my blog if you have time, and keep writing!

    ~ Estrella