Sunday, April 11, 2010

The new plan.

I hope everyone enjoyed my pathetic little anecdotes about L.

They make me smile, even if I know in my heart he think about me maybe for five minutes in a whole day, while I spend most of my weekend stressing over him (and others, granted).

So, my new plan, is to subsist on chocolate.

What? Has Charlie gone CRAZY? Chocolate, the worst of all fucking substances?

But more specifically, dark chocolate.
While a bar of milk chocolate Hershey's has, say, 210 calories, a bar of Hershey's Special Dark has 180.
That's 15 calories for every little square in each bar.
There are twelve.

The great thing about dark chocolate is that I don't binge on it like milk chocolate.
I can't, it makes me sick.

So, figure out tomorrow.
Three pieces for breakfast. That's forty-five.
Three pieces at lunch, plus a yogurt. That's one twenty-five.
Three pieces before dance, forty-five again.
Three pieces at dinner, plus one serving of ramen. That's two thirty-five.

In total, four hundred and fifty calories.

In a day filled with chocolate.

Granted, not nutritionally the most healthy. But I'm not going for nutrition.
I'm going for what will keep me from bingeing on my worst enemy and best friend.

Thank you all for your comments, they're absolutely lovely. I love you all so much. :]


  1. this sounds very interesting... and pretty brilliant. i know what you mean about the dark chocolate - if i eat a whole bar at a time it makes me feel sick. i like how you let yourself eat a little bit throughout the day. you could be on to something here!

    good luck on the first day of your new plan. i'll be thinking positive thoughts for you :)

  2. This sounds awesome, I wish I could stick to something like this. Chocolate is literally the sole destroyer of my diet - I am capable of giving up everything else except it. Unfortunately a diet like this wouldn't work for me because once I start eating chocolate I cannot stop, even with dark.