Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Liquid Fast: Day 1

Hey guys. I know it's only 7:09 in the morning, but I felt the need to say hi, and mention a few things.

It's the first morning of my juice fast, and if I had been allowed to wake up later, I probably wouldn't be as fat as I am right now, but here's the damage:

Liquid Fast, Day 1
Start weight: 161.4 (eep.)
Current weight: 161.4 (it's still Day 1!)

I'm also starting the 21-Day Break-A-Habit thing, breaking my habit of bingeing.

Scarlet; Oh, wow, I lve you so much. :] That enough smile for ya? You're right, we can go to prom any way we want, because we're strong, independent women! At least on the outside... Hah. Yeah, it's almost exactly like the Belle's yellow dress... I love it so much! Thanks for the warning about the V8- mine's actually juice, I don't like the salty stuff so much. I have somewhat of a sweet tooth, in case you all haven't noticed! The midget already does look like a sixth grader masquerading as a high schooler... But I find that midgets tend to do that XD She's only like four foot something.... Hahaha. There's a few smiles for you :]

Dreams.and.Bones.; Aw, thank you! I'm excited too. I'm sorry you went through that whole isolation thing; it really sucks, doesn't it? My juice is either V8 Splash in Berry Blend (70 calories per cup) or V8 Fusion in Strawberry Banana (50 calories per cup). I've been nursing a cup of Strawberry Banana for a good 20 minutes now!

Z.; I will, we both will jump back on board and start losing again! I know I will have a great time, with or without a date, but it's just me being selfish, I guess. :]

skinnybusiness; Ya know, prom always felt like it would be so awesome, especially as a freshman! But it's so not... The limo stress and the dress stress and the date stress and the friends stress; so not worth just one night... Maybe I'll change my mind that night. Who knows... :]

Charr.; THANK YOU for "being a loser", etc. You were one especially that I had been meaning to follow, so thankyouthankyou for reminding me. And you're totally right- who needs a date, anyway!

No time for a list cap, I have 25 minutes to get ready. Fuuuuck. :] Love you guys. Will pop back in later tonight!


  1. Its not selfish for you to want a date, its normal. But just realize that you can still have a great time without one :) Dance with as many different guys as you want! Good luck on your juice fast. We are gonna get back on track and get skinny!

  2. You can do it! I broke my binging habit, so can you. Stay strong, girly!

  3. First of all... strawberry-banana-50-calories- juice? Hells yes. I'll be getting some of that some time real soon!

    Secondly... can I do the break the binge monster habit too? I was doing okay with it, and keeping a count of days without bingeing on my blog. but then i ruined it and took the count down because I was ashamed. But you know... I'd love to go through it together with you.

    Good luck on your juice fast today! I'll be thinking about you :)