Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thanks, guys.

Thank you for your wonderful comments, they really made me feel better.

(See how neurotic I am over teeny little things? Like, I know a lot of you guys don't use your real names, but I still wanted to get that out!)

I love love LOVE how Cate put it:
"When people know you so well, the real you, something like a name becomes irrelevant."

Pretty much made me tear up.
Pretty much.

Alright, I need to work on school projects and not eat. School projects and not eat.

I did eat today, so phail on the liquid phast (like how I put "ph" instead of "f"? Doesn't make me feel any less phat.... Teehee, I'll stop now).
Food just tastes so good right now... And I'm PMSing, no doubt. My back started hurting and my stomach started cramping. I just wish it would start already and get it over with, and not wait until the day before, like it did with the play.
Fuck you, nature.
Fuck you.
I'd rather lay eggs, there, I said it.

I'm feeling kind of loopy, not sure if it was the pepperoni pizza slice I had or the sugar-free Jell-o, or the sherbet. Any of the three could be plausible.
Considering fasting tomorrow, completely.

I think I'll go have a salad.

Love you guys.


  1. Hahah phat <3 U r feeling loopy! Well go get some rest hunni! Hope you feel better tomorrow :) And baahaha periods always come at the most inconvenient times! and hmm...I actually might rather lay eggs too lol.

    DAMN food for tasting so good! bllahhhh. Well I love you too! Sleep well :)

  2. Oh I am sensing a disturbance in the mother nature arena too...I ate a demi baguette today (aka HALF of a huge baguette). Just "me wants carbs and salt and more carbs but me don't know why!!!!" Yeah my body talks like that, and for some reason, I listen, lol. Higher intelligence beings my ass. Hahaha. Good luck with the fast tomorrow babe, I'm thinking of doing one on monday! But the good thing is that you sound happy!!!!!! :)

  3. Oh the loopy. I miss my loopy. Well good luck if you fast tomarrow. Besides, you didn't binge which is always happy.

  4. i'd rather lay eggs, too! i'm gonna start this week and i'm so bloated i could die. i despise being female sometimes.

    and i agree with cate, it doesn't really matter what we call you because we still know it's YOU. a rose by any other name is still a rose :)