Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's not as easy as it sounds.

List-Cap at the end. :]
My SAF (Skinny Annoying Friend) told me today that "A guy liking someone has nothing to do with whether or not the girl is skinny!"

Easy for you to say, Miss All My Clothes Are Too Big For Me/I Have A Thyroid Problem/Size 00 Is Too Big, I Can Practically Swim In My Clothes.

And damn, did I eat today.
I'll probably be eating more.

You guys always ask me, "Why do you weigh yourself at night?! It's not accurate!!!"
I know this.

I weigh myself at night to check my intake for the day. If I'm a pound or more heavier than the morning, intake was bad. If I'm less, intake was amazing, if I'm around the same, intake was adequate.
So that's why I weigh myself in the morning.

I've decided to put intense weight loss on hold until spring break (next week). The fact that I only get five or six hours of sleep a night really hinders my efforts.
Plus, I have little to no time to exercise.

That's a lie, I know. I'm sorry. But I'm exhausted when I come home from school, and you really expect me to EXERCISE for an hour or two???

Yeah. I am a fucking lazy ass, thanks for pointing that out.

I don't want to tell you guys everything I ate today. It'll make me feel even more pathetic. Let's just say I went from 158.4 this morning to 161.something a few minutes ago.
I should be done eating.

P.D.; I love you in a non-creepy way, and you're allowed to love me the exact same way no matter how often you comment! I love you the same whether you do or don't comment (though I definitely prefer the do!).

Charr; Thank you for my luck, it helped me write my essay and get to bed before one a.m.! I agree, less stress without L; But attempting to give up is putting even more stress on me! I've decided to just put everything in God's hands, and if things work out, great. If not, I'll get something better, I know.

Scarlet; Yes. Let's chuck them into Lake Michigan. You bring A, I'll bring L, and we'll have a duct-tape/rope/weights/homicide party! Plain old lists are the best, because they show what you're really like! None of the pretenses people put up, just their life in list form!

Dreams.and.Bones.; Well, thank you for reading the whole post, I do appreciate it. :] I think I will get myself a necklace like yours... They do have nice sterling silver ones at T.J. Maxx.

Meaghan; That's insane! I'm glad my blog makes you giggle, I do try sometimes... And sometimes fail. :] I think it's so funny that our stats are totally the same! ...Are you me in a different life??

1. Skinny Annoying Friends are skinny and annoying.
2. Giving up L is hard to do. I love boys, they're so cute. Especially the ones that are blonde with blue eyes that sit in front of me in class...
3. I don't usually go for blondes. So, it baffles me.
4. I ate a lot today. More so than yesterday.
5. I weigh myself to check my intake.
6. Intake today = bad.
7. I'm pathetic and a lazy ass. :]
8. I'm going to attempt to put everything in God's hands. Although I'm not particularly religious, even going down the agnostic road as a younger teen, I've come to find myself attempting to stop forcing things where I want them to go and just letting them float around at their will, or at God's will. I don't know which, but I like to think that God guides what I'm meant to have towards me.
9. I love you guys so much. Please stay wonderful. :]


  1. Sorry about the binge D: it's sore, but you'll make it <3 Urgh :( it's okay you don't exercise, I always pass it off too! If school wasn't more than enough, those hand weights just know how to taunt!

  2. I like your last paragraph... I am "religious" as you might say, so that probably makes me see everything though those glasses, but I think God really does want good things for you. When we try to control everything we go craaaaazy and we fail anyways. So I think its a good plan.

    Plus, aside from thinking about God... forcing things to happen or be a certain way never turns out good. I know this from lots of experience because I'm always tryind and forever reminding myself of everything you already said...

  3. You are not pathetic :] Stop being so hard on yourself, you can do this!
    Heh, good luck with L then, let us know how things play out :)
    For the record, I find FAF [fat annoying friends] even worse x.x