Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love you guys.

I come home every day, think to myself, "Oh, I can be happy if I got one or two comments, at least one person is paying attention."

Attention whore, yes? Yes.

Eight fucking comments.
Damn it, I love you guys.
Where would I be without all of you?

Still at 180 pounds, no doubt.
So, this is my thank you post, where I reply to everyone's wonderful comments, (there'll be a "how badly did Charlie screw up again today" post in a little while, don't worry. I have to write an essay on Oprah first) because you all deserve personal thank yous.

Even you, who read and did not comment (I know who you are, not really, that's usually me with all your blogs), you deserve a thank you too, because I love you just as much.


Dreams.and.Bones.; Well you first comment wasn't all that uplifting, no! Hahah, but both your comments really did make me smile, thank you and thank you also for the Sunshine Award. :] My day did go a bit smoother today. :]

Riddle; Thank you for your lovely comment (I'm going to be saying that a lot this post, don't get too bored with me!). I will not revise my conclusions, Miss! However, thanks for reminding me that I will come out stronger, I really hope I will.

Scarlet; Lists are my life! I'm so disorganized, they help me think better! Guys are completely worthless, I'm convinced. Let's throw them in the harbour.

I don't have a harbour. I love you too, thank you! :]

Charr.; I am a fuck-up, but that's a whole other long paragraph about why and how. This post will be long enough when I'm done. Thank you. :]

OhMyGosh; It's so hard to look at things from other people's perspectives... I mean, I know it's (probably) not my weight that makes my friends hate me (they liked me better back when I was twenty pounds heavier), but I guess I don't like accepting the fact that they don't like me because I'm a pathetic loser.
Except for the fact that I can't seem to lose! XD
Thank you for following, I'm going to try to do all your wonderful words of inspiration proud by staying strong and hopeful.

V; I'm convinced that we are the same person. Come live with me so I don't have to be alone anymore? I know my friend wants to be Cassie, God knows she's fuckng skinny enough.
But she eats like a horse.
And she's not sweet and quiet and demurely crazy.
She's just crazy. But I guess I'm not more like Cassie. I so wish I could control my eating like she does.
Fictional characters are the best role models. Because they can do whatever we want them to do. :]
So, come live with me. End of story.

Heather; -hug- I love your internet hugs. You're allowed to come live with me too. Well, everyone is.

Stay wonderful, all of you. I love you, in a totally non-creepy way. C:

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  1. Can I love you, too, also in a totally non-creepy way, even though it's been forever since I've commented? :P

    My life has been ridiculously fucked up as of late (whose hasn't, right? JEEBUS! We're all just a bunch of crazed LUNATICS around here, I tell ya!) :P and I simply haven't been myself...and I haven't been reading. I've signed on to post a blog, signed off. Post a comment, sign off. I used to be so good at this! I long for the days when I was free enough of mind and at peace enough with myself that I could sit for hours and just read lovely blogs and comment, hoping to inspire and encourage all of your beautiful souls...

    *sigh...* Alas...

    I suck.

    Ah well, I'm here now, and I want to let you know that although I may seem utterly invisible, I am still here, and you still have my support. For what it's worth.

    Stay lovely, my dear!