Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey. Did you miss me?

I see two new followers. So maybe you did. Hi, new followers. I hope you like me.

Shit, did I say that out loud?

Just kidding.
I went to the lake overnight with my mom.
Can you say, "Junk food-fest?"

Needless to say, I haven't been doing well lately. Haven't even weighed myself in the past two days, I'm kind of scared. I only have one contact in right now, it's giving me a headache.

I'd give you guys a nice list of what I've eaten, but... I'd rather not. I'd like to save some face.

I've decided to liquid-fast. Three days. How does that sound? I got this awesome V8 juice, it's only fifty calories. PER CUP. Yeah. Usually I have to water down my juice to get something that great.
I'm also going on a college tour tomorrow. Yay.

I also got my prom dress. Oh my gosh, it's amazing. It's this deep indigo blue that goes really well with my skin, because I'm so pale. It looks like Belle's dress from Beauty and the Beast, it's strapless and oh my goodness I feel like a princess in it. So much.
Prom is a week from Friday. Eek! Dateless, unfortunately. But I'm excited nonetheless. I have a feeling seeing L there with his date will piss me off. Oh well. I don't even know who his date is... Probably the midget.

I don't have anything interesting to talk to you guys about over break... Sigh. Guess I'll answer comments that I've been neglecting.

Arii; Don't think I haven't seriously considered your offer as a texting buddy. I swear, I've been thinking about it since you commented. I just get so worried, you know? About internet safety and whatnot. So, I'm still thinking hard about it, I swear. I just didn't want you to think I'm a horrible person!

Scarlet; No, it probably won't be the last time I talk about guys, but it should be! Thanks for the luck, I needed it (no. No, I didn't get through the fast. Made it nineteen fucking hours).

Estrella; I'd love to follow you! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get around to it (there are a lot of my followers that I'm not following, and it makes me feel absolutely awful. Leave me a comment if you're one of my followers and I don't follow you!). Thank you so much for your well-wishing, I wish the same for you!

Everyone else; I love you all just as much, but I have to get back to fucking painting. I know. I haven't done fucking anything.

1. I've been failing.
2. Liquid fast. Tomorrow, ending Friday. Yes.
3. Got my prom dress, yay!
4. Still dateless. Oh well.
5. Love you guys.


  1. Hey, date or no date to prom this is the age of feminism my dear, we can go any way we want! Ooooh, are you talking about the yellow strapless in beauty and the beast??? (I'm a tad rusty, I may watch it tomorrow just to see which one you mean! Lol) if so, god I think your dress is beautiful! And I love blue!!! Especially a deep moody blue like indigo.
    19 hrs on a fast isn't too bad, just keep trying! I am sure your liquid fast will go well. Watch the V8, I heard it has a lot of salt so be sure to drink lots of water!!!!!
    Haha, L with a midget??? She's gonna look like a sixth grader masqurerading as a highschooler, lol. :) smile dang you, smile!

  2. aww i'm excited for you about prom!
    i never went to mine... i can't say i regret it. i mostly regret socially isolating myself to the point where i had no friends, never mind a date, to hang out with there.
    BUT. you will look wonderful. and your dress! it sounds amazing!

    I wish you the best of luck on your fast! I might join you on one of the days... what kind of V8 juice is it? I'd love to know :)

  3. Sorry its been a bad couple days :( mee too! Just get back on the train and keep trying, that's what you have to do. I'm so glad you have a pretty prom dress. It sounds amazing! You will have a great time, date or no date. I broke up with my boyfriend right after prom and wished later that I hadn't even taken him (he went to a different high school)...

  4. Oh prom. I havent had mine yet being a freshman and all but it sounds cool any how. Your dress sound beautiful. I love new dresses. They make me feel really special. Hmm... camping food is always a bad thing.

  5. I'm going to be a loser and note that you aren't following me, check it out? :3 Don't follow if you don't like my stupid rantings though heh.

    Good luck with your fast ^^ Your dress sounds super pretty-- prom seems so exciting! Who needs a date anyways? :P
    Take care,

  6. hi charlie :)
    i hope you like me too :p

    i don't have anything fun or interesting to say i guess, except that i'm liquid fasting today too! i haven't set a limit on it, i'm just gonna see how long i can go without solid food. maybe i can kick the habit all together ;)


  7. I would loove more followers, i have one haha. But i would really love the amazing support people feel from their followers. =]

    follow me ? <3
    haha and i love you, you're great at blogging xD

    Prom will be excellent, and everyone will be jealous of your princess-dress bbs !