Thursday, April 1, 2010

I didn't eat for three days so I could be lovely...

Something in me encouraged me to Google "Skins" tonight.

First video I came upon was Cassie's quote that struck me into making it this post's title.

I don't know how many of you watch Skins, me being American I'm a bit slow to jump on the bandwagon, I suppose. I hear they're making an American version. It's going to be complete crap, just like everything else they Americanize..
And now my inner monologue voice has a British accent.


So I've decided, due to this fortunate event that landed me on the Skins train, I've decided to have a three-day fast this weekend. My parents decided today that we're going to our lakehouse, out in the country (don't worry, I know my neighbor's internet password. I'd never leave you guys like that!) so I'll have plenty of opportunities to not eat. For instance, they enjoy eating outside, while I would be happy not to endure fruit flies in my french toast and beetles in my biscuits.

Did you see what I did there? Fruit flies, french toast. Beetles, biscuits.
Just kidding, I don't eat biscuits.
I'd like to just not eat.

Anyway, plenty of opportunities to stash food, to not eat, to just drink and relax and attempt to get better.
Someone remind me to pack all my pain meds.
I am a sucker for OTC painkillers.
And I have been known to abuse them.
It doesn't end pretty.

As for my SAT scores, I think my parents are more bummed than I am. I've been wanting to apply to the Newhouse School of Public Communications. Either that or the College of Visual and Performing Arts.
Either way I'll be going to Syracuse University, home of some pretty sexy basketball players. Andy Rautins, Carmello Anthony, Wes Johnson, Brandon Triche. Yum.
I'm also considering NYU, only because it's in New York City...
I've been wanting to get out of small-town, and Syracuse is (as I've seen) a pretty small town.
But Newhouse is practically the best in the country, and the buildings and technology are to die for.
So I'll be retaking me SATs in June, hoping for a better score than I have.
Because Newhouse will not accept me with that kind of score, especially since my PSATs were higher...

Alright. So, to recap.
Three day fast.
Liquid fast if forced.

Note to self:
Blended food does not count as liquid...


  1. Have heart, each time (4x) I took the SAT it got easier. Hey, I'm hopefully going to NYU this fall. It'd be supersweet to meetcha. Have fun in the country, with lovely spring air to refresh your body and soul!

  2. Dude, nice alliteration! Hahaha.

    And um, American version of Skins? I'm pretty sure that would be pretty terrible. American censorship is way more intense than Britain's, and I feel like part of what made Skins so great is how extreme it tends to be.