Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Real Post of the Day

Read the first one from today for all my thank yous.
Thank you. :]

ALSO: If you don't feel like reading this entire fucking thing, check out my List-Cap at the end (that's a recap in list form)!

I've decided that's it's time to get off of this fucking thing I have over L.
I saw him walking in the hall with one of the nastiest girls in our grade.
Fucking midget, and she's a complete boozed-up whore, ya know?

Anyway, seeing that ruined my entire day, along with the fact that he talked to my skinny annoying friend (I'm just going to call her SAF from now on- Skinny Annoying Friend) in class more than he talked to me.

Don't you hate it how one person can ruin your entire day without realizing it?

But then, suddenly, it was better.
The guy who played opposite me in the play, the guy who used to tackle and tickle me all the time I never see anymore.
Which is sad, because he's so funny and I love him.

So I was going to choir practice today, trying to decide whether to take the bus home and skip choir, or stay like I was supposed to.
He made the decision for me.

Tackled me, held my arms in place for a good fifteen minutes, while I struggled to get out.
I'm not very strong.
I ended up on the floor with him sitting on me.

All in all, a fun time.

My intake today was eh. Didn't have much until I got home. Had a bag full of gummy bears, a bowl of cereal, a bowl of croutons (not quite as large as the cereal) and chocolate.

Suffice to say, my chocolate plan has not worked out.
Aside from making plans, I'm absolutely amazing at failing at plans.

So, to List-Cap:

1. Giving up on L, because apparently he prefers skinny, short skanks over fat, average height shyish girls.
2. The other guy made it all better by making me laugh (I swear, he KNOWS when I've had a completely shitty day and just need some attention.. He and I are like the same person).
3. Intake was eh.
4. Maybe fasting tomorrow.
5. Have a 3-5 page paper to write on Oprah. Wish me luck, bedtime is 10:30 (currently 8:35 p.m.)

I love you all!
Stay wonderful.


  1. I think giving up on L will make you happier and less stressed, so I'm al for that :) Don't you love friends like the Mr. in #2? So great.

    Haha, an essay on Oprah? That's different. Good luck with it!

  2. Omg friends that can read your mind are awesome!!!! Also, I've got Lake Michigan, A and L get chucked in! Lmao, hahahaha. Kidding, sorta :)
    Intake wasn't to bad, you'll spring back from it.
    Okay, I'm not gonna lie: lists are kinda awesome...I just don't like concrete things, I never like what my lists say, they're always cut and dry, black and white, pros and cons, pb and J, chuck taylors and skinny jeans, oops, I think I've gone off topic! Anyway, maybe I'll do some awesome stuff so my lists will turn out like I want them, lol.
    Good luck babe!!!

  3. I'm glad the Other Guy was able to brighten your day!

    and even though i DID read your whole post, I will admit that i love your lists. they're great.

    and, getting that necklace has helped me stay focused! you should get yourself one that you really like, and will want to wear all the time! you deserve something special like that :)

  4. So, I just came across your blog for the first time and do you want to know something crazy? We are the exact same height and weight. Absolutely mental, eh? Your blog makes me giggle. :) Only at the funny parts, though, rest assured.