Thursday, April 22, 2010


I got some really awesome comments from all of you today.

So, while my parents expect me to stop my Spring Break festivities and fucking clean (yeah, that's going to happen when my nails are wet...), I wanted to thank you all for them.

Since I have, like, no attention span whatsoever, I wanted to talk about some comments that really caught my eye.
Of course, all of your comments caught my eye in their own special way- I swear! I love you all equally, I do. So, no feelings of being left out if I don't acknowledge your comment, okay? Okay. Since we're clear on that, I'll begin.

First of all; don't ever feel bashful about telling me to follow your blogs- I WANT TO. So let me know, okay, guys?

skinnybusiness; Yes. Yes it is always hard. (please pause for a "That's what she said" joke)

Arii; I know, like why the double standard? If you're going to make vocal comments about peoples' weights, don't just reserve it for the skinny people, give the fat people some hate too! There are too many freaking double standards in society.

Gracile; Thank you for you wonderful comment! It reminded me of, well, me, a few months ago, when I read Ana Regzig's blog as thinspo, and to not eat; though I'm truly sorry you suffered through some of my earlier posts. Those were, ehm. Horrendous? Anyway, I'm glad I was able to keep someone preoccupied on something other than food for a few minutes or something like that. :] I'm doing a lot better, and I hope you're wonderful as well. :]

Hey, red, of course I like you, too! We can all get through this and break these nasty bingey eatey habits; that's why we've come together!!

I like to use exclamation points...

(I dunno, my caps lock just got stuck...)

Start weight: 162.0 (yeah. Yeah. I know. I know.)
Calories consumed so far: 100 (two cups of juice, lots of water)
Projected calories: Anywhere from 160-300, all liquid.

Yes, my stomach is grumbling. Yes. It feels amazing. Yeah, I guess I'll update again later tonight...
Love you guys (in a totally non-creepy way!)


  1. hey follow me :p

    it's so nice to finally have someone's support!


  2. heyyy it would be awesome if you could follow me :) your blog is one of my favourites because we're the same height.. that may sound odd but its nice to be able to follow the progress of someone similar to yourself.

  3. Hahaha can I just say...I FREAKING LOVE YOU CHARLIE!!! You are not a failure in anyway! A failure is someone like me. Do you ever feel like a wanarexic? I hate it! I mean I guess I'm not but I feel like one =/. Anyways DISS THE FAT PEOPLE! WOOHOOO!!!!! haha <333 Oh and just because you said I can say it....follow my blog ;) bahah <3